Competition Team

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Alyssa Rosenberg

Nickname: Lyssie Belt: Black Height:  Birthday:  March 2 Hometown:  Coral Springs Current City:  Miami College: University of Miami Major: Human and Social Services · Exercise Physiology   … Read More

Amber Jordyn Avroya

Nickname:  Onyx/Keebler/Keebs Belt:  1st Dan Black -49kg Height:  5’ 4" Age:  15 Hometown:  Plantation, FL Current City:  Coral Springs, FL … Read More

Damian Canady

Nicknames: The Last Mohican and DMAC Belt: Green Height: 4'6" Age: 10 Hometown: Denver, CO Current City: Coral Springs, FL School: Ramblewood Elementary Year Began Taekwondo: 2013 Year Joined the Competition Team: 2014 … Read More

Darrell “DJ” Woodard

Nickname: Boom-Boom Belt: 1st Dan Black Height: 6'3" Birthday: 04/12/1990 Hometown: Rockford, Illinois Current City: Deerfield Beach, FL High School: Palm Beach Central High School College: Broward College Major: Nursing … Read More


Ethan Blaustein

Belt: 1st Dan Black Height: 5'7" Age: 16 Hometown: Margate Current City: Boca Raton School: West Boca Community High School     … Read More

Jani-ah McCray

Nickname:  P.O.T.W. (Princess Of The World) Belt:  1st Dan Black Height: 5' 10.5" Age:  16 Birthplace: Hollywood, Florida School:  Blanche Ely High School Other Sports Played: Track, Basketball Career Goal: To become an … Read More


John Pacetti

Nicknames:  Johnny and Lil John Belt:  2nd Dan Black Height:  5'7" Age:  14 Hometown:  Elgin, Illinois Current City:  Davie, Florida School:  Indian Ridge Year Joined Competition Team:  2013   … Read More

Josi-ah McCray

Nickname:  Flash Belt:  1st Dan Black Height: 5'4" Age: 13 Birthplace:  Plantation, FL School:  Crystal Lakes Middle Other Sports Played: Basketball Career Goals: To become an Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineer or get drafted … Read More

Kaleb Reis

Nickname:   Belt: Height Age: Hometown: Current City: School:   Career Goals:   … Read More

Madison Geist

Nickname: Belt: Height:  Age:  Birthplace:  School:     … Read More

Megan J. Ford

Nickname:  Machine Gun Belt:  1st Dan Black Age:  16 Height:  5’5" Birthplace: Coral Springs, FL School:  Coral Springs Charter High School       … Read More


Mike Eggleston

Nickname: Pretty Boy Belt: 3rd Dan Black Height: 5'9" Age: 27 Hometown: Queens, NY Current City:  Coral Springs, FL College: Major: Exercise Science and Health Promotion   … Read More


Noah Avroya

Nickname:   Rockstar Belt:  1st Dan Black -41kg Age:  13 Height/Weight:  5’ 1"  82 lbs Hometown:  Plantation, FL Current City: Coral Springs … Read More

Sebastian Geist

Nickname: Grasshopper Belt: Black Height:  Age:  Birthplace:  School:     … Read More


Steve A. Rosenberg, D.D.S.

Nickname: Doc Belt: 1st Dan Black Height: 5'11" Age: 53 Hometown: Miami, FL Current City: Coral Springs, FL Year Joined Competition Team:2009 … Read More


Tessie Torres

Nickname:  Belt: Black1st Dan Height/ Weight: 5'5 96 lbs Age: 12 Hometown:  School: Competition Record 2014 USAT NATIONALCHAMPIONSHIPS- GOLD … Read More

Trinity Arianna Isabella Noble

Nickname: Three The Hard Way Belt: 1st Dan Black Belt Height: 5'7" Age: 14 Hometown: Rockford, IL Current City: Coconut Creek, FL School: Lyons Creek Middle … Read More

Vera Ormeno

Belt:  Purple Age:  11 Height:  5’6" Hometown:  Miami, FL School:  Ramblewood Middle       … Read More

Victoria Yacobucci

Nickname: Belt: Height:  Age:  Hometown:  Current City:  School:     … Read More