US Open Taekwondo Championships

The US Open Taekwondo Championships began this week in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Hotel and Paradise Event Center. Competition will continue through Sunday February 23, 2014. Peak Performance USA athletes from all over the country will be competing with athletes from around the world. More information about the competition can be found on the USA Taekwondo website. You can follow the 2014 U.S. Open on Twitter @USOpenTKD and on Instagram @USA_Taekwondo.

Canada Open Taekwondo

The 2014 Canada Open concluded on Sunday. Congratulations to all of the Peak athletes who attended the tournament.

Full results can be found here: 2014 Canada Open Taekwondo Results

Peak Performance USA Results
Cadet Boys Elite Feather 41-45kg: 3 Snow, Timothy – PEAKVA
Cadet Boys Elite Fin -33kg: 2 Rezadoost, Arya – PEAKVA
Cadet Girls Elite Bantam 33-37kg: 9 VanAlstyne, Stephanie – Peak Performance NY
Junior Boys Elite Fin -45kg: 3 Warner, Norman – PEAKVA
Junior Boys Elite Light 55-59kg: 5 Snow, Benjamin – PEAKVA
Junior Girls Elite Welter 52-55kg: 5 Warner, Ashley – PEAKVA
Senior Men Elite Bantam 58-63kg: 9 Gulyard, Ashtin – Peak Minnesota
Senior Men Elite Feather 63-68kg: 9 Wissbroecker, Travis – World Taekwondo Peak
Senior Men Elite Fin -54kg: 5 Ortiz, Kelvin – Peak Performance Miami
Senior Men Elite Fly 54-58kg: 9 Budde, Zachery – World Taekwondo Peak
Senior Men Elite Light 68-74kg: 2 Snow, Andrew – PEAKVA
Senior Women Elite Feather 53-57kg: 9 Gay, Danielle – Peak Performance RI
Senior Women Elite Heavy +73kg: 9 Abdella, Zahia – Peak Performance NY
Senior Women Elite Light 57-62kg: 9 Jones, Taylor- PEAKVA
Senior Women Elite Middle 67-73kg: 1 Galloway, Jacqueline – PEAK Performance
Senior Women Elite Middle 67-73kg: 2 Hamon, Lauren – Peak Performance
Senior Women Elite Welter 62-67kg:  3 McPherson, Paige – Peak Peformance
U9 (8-9) Girls Sparring Red-BB: 1 Lee, Ava – World Taekwondo Academy Peak
Youth (10-11) Elite Boys Fly -36kg: 3 Brown, Joshua – PEAKVA
Youth (10-11) Elite Boys Middle 48-54kg: 1 Milos III, Francis J – Peak Performance NY
Youth (10-11) Elite Girls Fly -33kg: 2 Lee, Lauren – World Taekwondo Academy Peak

2014 USAT National Team Trials

The 2014 USAT National Team Trials were held at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado from January 9th to the 14th. Qualification for the Youth Olympic games in China was also held the same week. The Peak Performance USA schools were well represented at the events. The competition was a great experience for our students. Congratulations to all of the competitors, especially those who will be representing the U.S. at upcoming events.

2014 USAT National Team Trial Results

2014 Senior National Team
Logan Gerick (men’s fin weight)
James Howe II (men’s fly weight)
Olie Burton (men’s bantam weight)
Terrence Jennings (men’s feather weight)
Thomas Rahimi (men’s light weight)
Steven Lopez (men’s welter weight)
Luke Ford (men’s middle weight)
Stephen Lambdin (men’s heavy weight)
Kelsey Junious (women’s fin weight)
Charlotte Craig (women’s fly weight)
Simone DeVito (women’s bantam weight)
Deireanne Morales (women’s feather weight)
Diana Lopez (women’s light weight)
Paige McPherson (women’s welter weight)
Jacqueline Galloway (women’s middle weight)
Lauren Hamon (women’s heavy weight)

2014 Junior National Team
Julio Quintanilla (men’s fin weight)
Isaac Vigil (men’s fly weight)
David Kim (men’s bantam weight)
Ken Jin (men’s feather weight)
Siwon Kim (men’s light weight)
Alexandru Felea (men’s welter weight)
Joseph Rodriguez (men’s light middle weight)
Connor Wilson (men’s middle weight)
Jonathan Healy (men’s light heavy weight)
Brandon Ivey (men’s heavy weight)
Trinity Sullivan (women’s fin weight)
Kelsey Junious (women’s fly weight)
Elaine Esparza (women’s bantam weight)
Miriam Galecki (women’s feather weight)
Taylor Macleod (women’s light weight)
Olivia Bryant (women’s welter weight)
Alexis Shepard (women’s light middle weight)
Kendall Yount (women’s middle weight)
Brieanna Hernandez (women’s light heavy weight)
Madelynn Gorman-Shore (women’s heavy weight)

2014 Cadet National Team
Omar Ortiz (men’s fin weight)
Joshua Kosloski (men’s fly weight)
Juan Carlos Norzagaray (men’s bantam weight)
Timothy Snow (men’s feather weight)
Austin Tran (men’s light weight)
Joshua Liu (men’s welter weight)
Ethan Robinson (men’s light middle weight)
Albert Urias (men’s middle weight)
Matthew Foong (men’s light heavy weight)
Richard Chung (men’s heavy weight)
Ashleigh Ogan (women’s fin weight)
Christine Bonoan (women’s fly weight)
Kiana Chai Chong (women’s bantam weight)
Mia Chang (women’s feather weight)
Marisa Loy (women’s light weight)
Kamille Carbon (women’s welter weight)
Logan Weber (women’s light middle weight)
Anya Sagovnovic (women’s middle weight)
Lisette Flores-Salcido (women’s light heavy weight)
Melanie Diaz (women’s heavy weight)

Youth Olympic Games Qualifier Team
Julio Quintanilla (men’s -48kg)
Nelson Morales (men’s 48-55kg)
Zachery Budde (men’s 55-63kg)
Michelle Gonciarz (women’s 44-49kg)
Mandy McCutcheon (women’s 49-55kg)
Kendall Yount (women’s +63kg)