Damian Canady

Nicknames: The Last Mohican and DMAC
Belt: Green
Height: 4’6″
Age: 10
Hometown: Denver, CO
Current City: Coral Springs, FL
School: Ramblewood Elementary
Year Began Taekwondo: 2013
Year Joined the Competition Team: 2014


My passion is training and competing for Peak Performance. I also enjoy playing with my dog Bella and my two bearded dragons Ozzy and Demon. I like to create, make, and build things out of stuff I find laying around the house. I also enjoy drawing, taking pictures, and playing video games…Favorite Color is Blue…Favorite Number is 7…Favorite Food is Spaghetti…Favorite Music is Metal…Favorite Movie is Reel Steel…Favorite TV Show is How It’s Made…Favorite Athlete is a senior member of the competition team named DJ Woodard.


“Wearing a black belt does not mean you are invincible, it means you never gave up, worked past the pain, yet over came the disappointments, didn’t cave into your doubts, faced your fears, and learned enough to realize how little you actually know.”


2014 USAT Florida State Championship Youth (Light) – GOLD
2014 Team Taekwondo Winter Games – GOLD